The Old and New Types of Scroll Saws


The scroll is is one of the considered most important tool when it comes to crafting wood. This tool is specifically made for the craftsmen to create designs out of wood materials with a very detailed output when cutting on the wood. You cannot find a craftsmen anywhere who does not use this tool as it is very useful and efficient for crafting.

Back in the days, the scroll saw has three variants and these were the cricket, the Lester and the Fleetwood scroll saw. The cricket is the type that comes at the cheapest price and can be powered with the use of the foot. The Lester type is composed of an iron frame and a pit man while the Fleetwood scroll saw is the heaviest and the most expensive among the three ans is powered the same way as the cricket which is by foot. In the modern world today, these three types of scroll saw are very rare to find since they are not being sold in most of the stores anymore sue to the manufacturing of newer types.

In the current time, the evolution on scroll saw has been transformed from being powered by foot to the electric powered variant. The main purpose of these new models is to give the craftsmen easier and faster rate in finishing their wood work. The newer electric powered scroll saws also comes in three types which are the parallel-arm, the double parallel link arm, and the c-arm. Visit website for further facts.

All of these three new electric powered variants were manufactured in order to provide the craftsmen an easier wood work process. Each of the three types function in a distinctive manner that is why if you want to come up with a flawless and specific design, it is important that you have knowledge which one of three will work best for your purpose. The blades of these modern scroll saws were designed to have a safer and more efficient experience when crafting wood. In order for you not to waste any woods, it is vital that you first make a pattern so that you will have a guide as you use the scroll saw to make your designs. In addition to that, you must know what type of wood to use in order to make your designs really come out and translate n the wood such as making jigsaw puzzles. You can also learn more about scroll saws by checking out the post at

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